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Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Are you selfless?" - An invalid question...

We won't get an answer when we ask someone who is truly selfless, "Are you selfless?", as there is nobody there to claim or identify as "I" am selfless...

The one who will give us an answer either "Yes, I am" or "No, I am not", is coming from the egoistic thinking mind thinks or believes itself is being selfless or not...

If somebody tells us, "I am selfless", then very obvious this "selfless" person is not really selfless...

It is pointless to ask someone who is free from suffering due to being free from the egoistic mind, "Are you free from suffering?", as there is nobody there to experience suffering, nor there is anyone there being free from suffering...

If someone claims or identifies as "I am peaceful" or "I am happy" or "I am free" or "I am good" or "I am wise" or "I am compassionate", that is the mind thinks and believes itself is peaceful, happy, free, good, wise and compassionate... Or when someone claims or identifies as "I am not peaceful" or "I am not happy" or "I am not free" or "I am not good" or "I am not wise" or "I am not compassionate", that is the mind thinks and believes itself is not peaceful, not happy, not free, not good, not wise and not compassionate...

There is nothing wrong with the mind thinks and believes about "I am this or that" or " I am not this nor that"... It is just the mind perception about itself as this and that with such and such qualities that it projects onto itself... This is just how the mind works and operates, reacts and thinks... And whatever the mind reacts, feels, thinks and believes whether it is something good or bad, positive or negative, happy or unhappy, pleasant or unpleasant, it's all impermanent and "non-self"...

Realize this, there is no "I" being there experiencing "this" or "that"...

Go beyond the mind perception about "I" am this or that with such and such qualities that the mind projects onto itself, and we will be free from fear, worry, jealousy, anxiety, judgment, comparison, competition, expectation, discontentment, disappointment, restlessness and unhappiness that derive from pride, arrogance, low self-esteem, low confidence, self-doubt, self-criticism, self-expectation, self-image, or so called "professional image"...

Om shanti.

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  1. This post makes provokes much thought and self reflection. Thank you for sharing your words


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