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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Upcoming 2013 Yoga Retreats in Langkawi Malaysia

You are welcome to join any of the yoga retreats in Langkawi run by Marc and Meng Foong from Yoga Now Malaysia.

Here are some yoga retreats dates for 2013 in Langkawi Malaysia with Yoga Now.

January 21-24
January 26-29

February 1-4
February 6-9
February 14-17
February 19-22

March 1-4
March 6-9
March 11-14
March 16-19
March 20-23

April 5-8
April 10-13
April 15-18
April 20-23
April 25-28

May 3-6
May 8-11
May 13-16
May 18-21
May 23-26

June 1-4
June 6-9  
June 11-14
June 16-19
June 21-24
June 26-29

July 2-5
July 7-10
July 12-15
July 20-23
July 25-28

August 2-5
August 5-8
August 11-14
August 16-19
August 21-24
August 26-29

September 2-5
September 7-10
September 12-15
September 17-20
September 22-25
September 27-30

October 22-25
October 26-29

November 1-4
November 6-9
November 11-14
November 16-19
November 21-24

December 6-9
December 11-14
December 16-19
December 21-24
December 26-29

These are the standard 4 days 3 nights yoga retreats. We can arrange a longer retreat for you from 5 days 4 nights up to 14 days 13 nights.

Any other dates can be arranged to suit your holiday best. It is not necessarily has to be the dates mentioned here.

All retreats request is subject to availability.

We only receive maximum 6 people at the same time in all the retreats in Langkawi and maximum 12 people in retreats in overseas to ensure maximum attention for all participants.

Please email us at for more details and booking.


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