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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reviews On Yoga Retreat With Yoga Now Malaysia

It seems like a lifetime ago that chance / karma ( whatever you want to call it ) brought me to your yoga class. What a difference 8 days can make, eh? Looking back I realize how exhausted I was both physically and mentally.
I take from this retreat more than new muscles, flexibility and a straighter back! I no longer feel like I am wandering lost through life. The wisdom you both have shared with me has impacted me more than my 4 months of travelling combined. So that the highlight of my trip is not the partying on Khao San Road, the sunrise over Angkor Wat, or the elephant riding in Chiang Mai - it's the last week spent here, sweating and gaining a transformed perspective on life.
Thank you for all your care, support, and kindness. From the chanting to the food to the philosophy - I loved every moment. Namaste!
Tamara Bain - Canada - 8 day intensive yoga retreat.

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